About One Day Internships

What is a One Day Internship?

A One Day Internship is, as the name implies, an internship that lasts for a day. Like a traditional internship it involves joining someone for their work and engaging with the activities of their role.

Where our internships differ slightly from the traditional idea is in their purpose. Our internships are for anyone who wishes to gain experience in the field of work covered by the internship, with an intention to pursue it further, or for those who are simply interested in and curious about the role of the mentor.

We offer these internships as a way for people to connect with the churches and their leaders in new ways and hope that these internships will prove enlightening and beneficial to all involved.

Who are they for?

Our internships are open to anyone who wishes to engage with, learn from and assist in the role of the mentor. It is possible that an internship may be unsuitable for those under 18, if this is the case it will be noted in the internship description.

We hope that a good number of people will be interested and as such we wish to clarify a few points on who would be chosen for the internship.

Our internships are on an invitation basis, signing up is a request to be invited and does not imply or guarantee a place. We need to consider that sometimes the nature of the internship (such as sensitive information, meeting with people who have connections to the intern etc.) may preclude an applicant from receiving an invitation. However, we will always aim to be fair in responding to interest and inviting people to an internship. The mentor will pick their interns entirely at their own discretion and may not be able to disclose the reason for not inviting someone.

What would an intern do?

Well, that depends entirely on the internship. As mentioned above the aim is to allow the intern to engage with as much of the mentor’s role as is possible, such as sitting in on meetings, visiting people, providing feedback and participating in decision making where appropriate.

The practical details, travel, food etc. will be worked out between the mentor and the intern as needed.

Exactly how long are One Day Internships?

The aim is for them to be about a day, but they may vary. The description of the internship should include when it starts and finishes but if not, please contact the mentor.

The whole idea behind One Day Internships is to allow people to engage with something they are interested in, without needing to change their daily/weekly plan much or commit a lot of time to it.

Is there a cost?

We offer our One Day Internships free of charge. In some circumstances, there may be costs associated with travel, but this will be explicitly noted on the internship description.

What happens if it gets cancelled?

We cannot control all situations and it is possible that circumstance will arise that force the mentor to cancel the internship. In this situation the mentor will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to those selected for the internship. We will also prioritise those people when selecting interns for internships of a similar nature.

Who is offering these internships?

We, OpenGate, are offering these internships. OpenGate is a group of churches working together to further the Kingdom of Heaven.

We aim to provide the best opportunities that we can within OpenGate and their closely related churches, therefore the mentors are all godly people carrying some level of leadership. The individual mentors are all trusted by the team responsible for leading OpenGate. Whilst they may not all share exactly the same theology, they all share Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and believe that this present world can benefit from the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We hope that many people will find something of interest and enjoy their experience connecting with others.

One day internships are now run on a more bespoke system. If you are interested in a one day internship, please email Neil (neil@wantagecc.org.uk). Thanks!