Opengate Churches Day Out!
On Sunday 9th July, the Opengate Churches (formerly South Region OCC) will be having their annual open air service and fun day out in Henley. The open-air service starts at 10.30am at the bandstand and following this there will be a BBQ*, bouncy castle, games and boat ride* until 3.30pm this will all take place at Marsh Meadows, Henley, RG9 1BE. Suitable car parks are on the map as Marsh Meadows car park is not free.
The open-air service will be for all ages from young to old, with worship, dance music and Roger Cole speaking on "All (us) for one (Jesus); one (us together) for all (the world)" using his famous sketch board.
At 12.30 we will have a BBQ*, Bouncy Castles and games followed by a boat ride* at 3pm.
This is an opportunity for us to have fun, relax and enjoy fellowship across all of the churches and you can stay for as long as you want to.
To sign up for the day so that we can know numbers please put your names on the list. Sign up here
If the weather forecast is bad or it is raining on the day we will be indoors at D:Two (RG9 2AA) where we will have the service and have a BBQ (but no bouncy castles as there will be no room!).
*These will cost extra – BBQ £2 per person and Boat Trip is £6.75 for Adults and £3.50 for under 16’s.