Pure Living

We want to help and encourage people to live well. Jesus ecnourages us, and the Holy Spirit empowers us, to live well by living pure lives. There are also some practical things that we can do, and this page provides some ideas.

Controlling the internet

It is relatively easy to block certain group of websites from being accesible from the internet in your house.
  • Your internet provider may have a mechanism: why not ask them?
  • Changing how your router finds web sitesĀ ('DNS') can be used to block a lot of things, a good such service is offered by Opendns.
  • You can block ads coming onto your screen. There are many ways to do this, simply search "adblock" on your favourite search engine.

Films and TV

It can be very helpful to know what is actually in a film to decide if you are comfortable (before God!) with it's sexual or violence content before viewing it, either on your own or as a family. A really good source of information about this is the IMDB parental guidance notes. For each film there is a 'Parnets Guide' link (in the Storyline section below the cast) to a page clarifying exactly what is and isn't in the film.