Abingdon Community Church is a lively family church. We believe that people are important and that Jesus can help us in our daily situations. Whatever your age, background and life situation, there is a place for you. We seek to involve everyone in the life of the church and encourage each other to use and develop the different gifts that God has given us.
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We are a family church with lively worship. We have a weekly Sunday meeting including children's groups, and midweek small groups. These small groups meet in a number of different locations and focus on a number of different things, including a ladies 'soaking' group (where we spend time together in God's presence), Young Adults, Healing Life's Hurts course (dealing with life's issues) and lots of other things too.
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We are a family on mission together.   That means that we care deeply about each other and about the community around us.   We look to God to transform our lives, and through His people to transform society:  that’s a big job – but we have a big God!
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The King’s Church is one of the churches in Didcot. We are a group of friendly people who have been amazed by God’s love and want to share his love with others. We began in 1998 and we are now a community of about 180 people of all ages and many nationalities. Everyone is welcome to explore God’s love with us.
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At Wantage Community Church our vision is defined in three, simple, phrases. We aspire to be:

  • A home for all
  • A family for discipleship
  • A base for sending
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